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It is our mission to improve the health care system by fixing or replacing the parts that are not working. The fastest and most efficient way to do this is to work with the people who actually have the greatest leverage to make a difference: Attorneys, Investors, Auditors, Analysts, and Entrepreneurs. We aim to expose those who are siphoning off value and placing patients and the public health at risk.


We went into medicine to help people. Somewhere along the way, we learned that the health care system is losing ground in its ability to do just that and decided something needed to be done.  In the process of advising law firms, we started out as expert witnesses. Over time, we discovered an unmet need for Physician legal consultants who are capable of providing higher-level strategic insights.  Lawyers we encountered often felt uncertain or unclear about medical issues and were searching for direction. Or they simply didn't understand that there are much bigger issues lurking beneath the surface of the cases that would often settle quickly. We felt compelled to help.


We ran into the problem that the value of a medical expert witness is limited to a specific area of medical expertise. As expert witnesses, we often felt constrained and limited as to what we could offer our clients. Often what a case needs is a deeper level of experience from a physician who understands how and why things really get done at a higher level. But as experts, it was beyond our purview to provide those insights.


From this discovery, we realized we could offer something different: The deep, introspective insights that can only come from decades of practicing medicine within the complex, hazardous, and opaque healthcare system.


We help you to unlock the true value of your work by revealing hidden levels of insight that you would be unlikely to discover otherwise. We are free of constraint and can be a valuable and trusted resource, providing strategic guidance throughout all phases of your legal claim, forensic analysis, or investment thesis.

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Personal Injury
Medical Malpractice
Workplace Injury
Nursing Home Litigation
Physician Employment Contracts
Non-compete Disputes

Medical Staff Conflicts
Sham Peer Review
Wrongful Termination
Board Actions
HHS Investigations
CMS Exclusion
Media Defamation
Cybersecurity Breach
HIPAA Violations
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence

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